Adex Mining
Mount Pleasant is the highest peak in southwestern New Brunswick, sitting at 356 metres above sea level. The view from the summit is spectacular. On a clear day, a crow perched on the mountain's old fire tower could look southward across the tapestry of forests, wetlands and granite hills and see the shimmering Bay of Fundy.

Mount Pleasant lies within the Magaguadavic Ecodistrict, which supports a remarkable assemblage of plants, birds and wildlife. Adex is deeply committed to respecting the environmental integrity of the area and to retaining its natural beauty. Since 2007, Adex has engaged in the following activities:
  • Tailings dam upgrade. In mid-2008, Adex upgraded the tailings dam to ensure that it complies with New Brunswick's newest environmental guidelines.

  • Aquatic survey. In September 2008, Adex hired an independent engineering firm to conduct a baseline aquatic survey of Hatch Brook, which receives treated effluent from the tailings pond. The survey concluded that Hatch Brook retains a good overall fish habitat, healthy benthic invertebrate population, and diverse fish population. These findings may provide suitable baseline data for aquatic surveys carried out should the mine reopen.

  • Water monitoring. Continuous monitoring of the mine water and treated effluent on the Mount Pleasant property ensures that federal and provincial water quality objectives are maintained under all weather conditions.

    The quality of purified effluent discharged from the tailings pond, and of water in Hatch Brook above and below the pond, is monitored each month by an independent engineering firm. The natural water outflow from the underground workings contains dissolved metals such as zinc and copper. This water is monitored daily and treated with lime to bind the dissolved metals as metal hydroxides. The metal hydroxides precipitate out in the water treatment settling pond.

  • Settling pond expansion. The current settling pond is sized to retain sludge from the natural mine water outflow. Adex may construct a settling pond extension to handle the additional sludge produced if the mine reopens.  The potentially expanded settling pond would form part of the water treatment system for the life of the mine.

  • Wastewater management. In April 2009, Adex commissioned an engineering study to identify the most environmentally sound ways to treat and manage wastewater and tailings, should the mine reopen. 

  • Silviculture. Sizable areas of the Mount Pleasant property were logged before the mid-1990s. Adex is working to renew the local woodlands by practicing silviculture on its surface holdings, thereby promoting a healthier forest with greater diversity of tree species, fauna and flora.
Investors, the media, and other members of the public are invited to contact our Adex engineering team to discuss any environmental questions they may have.