Adex Mining
Adex is unique among mining companies worldwide. Our Mount Pleasant Mine property in New Brunswick, Canada, hosts two distinct deposits: the Fire Tower Zone and the North Zone.  The Fire Tower Zone is situated in the southeastern part of the Mount Pleasant property and hosts significant resources of molybdenum and tungsten.  The North Zone, situated in the northwestern part of the property contains one of the globe's richest and largest known indium resource, and one of North America's largest tin resources.

Tin and indium are vital to the LCD screen technology sector while tungsten and molybdenum are vital to the automotive, petroleum and nuclear industries—all high-growth sectors.  Adex investors thus hold a strategic, pivotal position in these expanding parts of the economy.

Adex has several key advantages as we continue to move the project forward.
  • Strong metal demand fed by rising world consumption of molybdenum and tungsten as well as tin, indium and zinc.
  • Low-risk investment supported by a creative, staged development strategy.
  • Excellent location near deep-water seaports linked to global markets.
  • Existing infrastructure with a significant replacement value. 
  • Well financed to continue with exploration and development.
Leading metallurgists have developed patentable processes designed to extract specialty metals and concentrates from our deposits focused on producing value-added products. The processes for each zone are cost effective and environmentally sound. 

The Adex Board of Directors and management team brings you decades of experience in successful mines around the world. It includes veterans in the fields of finance, law, mining, engineering, geology and metallurgy.

Adex is deeply committed to becoming a world supplier of specialty metals. At the same time, it practices good corporate citizenship. All potential mining operations will be kept strictly underground, and the potential milling and metal extraction processes are environmentally sound.  Our outreach program embraces community involvement as well as high health and safety standards. 

We invite you as investors to join us... and to become part of the Adex story as it unfolds.

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