Adex Mining
Global demand for specialty and base metals is escalating. That's because the world's growing population consumes more and more items that use these metals... items such as computers, flat-screen TVs, and automobiles. Every liquid crystal display (LCD) on the market contains indium and tin. Similarly, zinc, tungsten and molybdenum occur in most cars cruising our highways.

Furthermore, manufacturing these high-demand items takes energy. The energy comes mainly from fossil fuel, nuclear or hydroelectric sources, all of which use specialty metals. Scientists are also finding new roles for specialty metals in alternative energy systems. For example, tungsten alloys reduce lightening damage in wind turbines, and the indium compound CIGS is used to increase the efficiency of thin-film solar cells.

Commercially viable deposits of tin, indium and tungsten are uncommon. Deposits containing molybdenum and zinc are also rare. Mount Pleasant is the only known deposit in the world where tungsten-molybdenum and tin-indium-zinc occur within close proximity, in economic quantities and under such favourable geographic and political conditions.

The Mount Pleasant deposits are mineralogically diverse. Adex has contracted Canadian and international engineering firms to develop new technologies for converting the various metals into concentrates. The processes are independent of each other and designed to meet or exceed the most stringent environmental regulations.