Adex Mining
As an Adex investor, you have the opportunity to join one of Canada's most promising mining projects. The venture is potentially aligned to become a world supplier of high-demand specialty and base metals.

Adex enjoys many powerful advantages to help us further develop our project.

  • Strong metal demand. Global consumption of specialty and base metals is escalating. Yet supplies of indium, molybdenum, tin and tungsten are limited. The Mount Pleasant property is comprised of two metal-rich areas: the Fire Tower Zone (tungsten-molybdenum) and the North Zone (tin-indium-zinc).  Adex is known to have one of the world's largest and richest indium resource and one of North America's largest tin resources... plus minable quantities of molybdenum, tungsten and zinc.

  • Low-risk investment. Adex has a simple and elegant strategy to develop the Mount Pleasant Mine. We hope to first bring the Fire Tower Zone into possible production, focusing on the increasingly strong tungsten and molybdenum markets. The Fire Tower Zone offers less risk because the geology, mining and metallurgy are all well understood as it was previously mined by Billiton exploration Canada back in the mid-80s. This is a fiscally conservative, staged approach that supports the company's desire to bring the Mount Pleasant Mine into production quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Excellent location. Mount Pleasant is conveniently located in New Brunswick, Canada, near major highways and two deep-water seaports linked to global markets. New Brunswick is situated in the safe and friendly environment of Atlantic Canada. The province's mineral taxation framework is among the most stable and competitive in the World. According to the Fraser Institute's Survey for Mining Companies: 2011/2012, New Brunswick has been ranked "the world's most attractive jurisdiction for exploration and development."

  • Existing infrastructure. The Mount Pleasant property includes a sophisticated infrastructure financed by previous owners. Onsite facilities consist of an all-season access road, building complex, hi-line electrical connection, underground workings, and tailings pond. The infrastructure saves Adex and its investors millions of dollars in start-up costs. 

  • Well financed. In October 2010, Adex shareholders overwhelmingly approved transactions, including a private placement, with Great Harvest Canadian Investment Company Limited to fund the development of Mount Pleasant. The financing closed on October 20, 2010 and is comprised of four stages. The total value of the private placement is in excess of $65 million (subject to share purchase right pricing). Great Harvest is a Hong Kong-based investment company principally engaged in the mineral resource development, mineral trading and marine transportation industries. For more information, see news release dated October 20, 2010.