Adex Mining
Adex fully appreciates that the Mount Pleasant mine property lies in the midst of rural New Brunswick. The area is dotted with villages inhabited by people whose families have lived here for many generations. Some residents work on farms, in woodlots or at the local paper mill, while others travel daily to jobs in the larger centres of Saint John or Fredericton.

When the Mount Pleasant mine first operated between 1983 to 1985, mine and mill workers from nearby St. George, Caithness, Harvey and St. Stephen joined others from across Canada. One of those individuals—our Adex site manager, Roger Young—began working at the mine in those days and is still with us.

In keeping with its desire to be a responsible corporate member of the community, Adex 'shops local' wherever possible. Previous drilling crew, some engineering consultants, and service providers come from St. George, Fredericton, Saint John and Moncton. Our site manager and security personnel reside locally and help Adex to enjoy friendly, cooperative relations with the owners of land adjacent to the mine site.