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To honour the longstanding natural and cultural heritage of the Mount Pleasant region, Adex is pleased to offer the following links to some of the more intriguing—or at least entertaining—aspects of community life in neighbouring areas of Charlotte County.

Lake Utopia monster. Long before the 1800s and as recently as the 1990s, residents of Lake Utopia just south of Mount Pleasant claim to have seen a huge, serpent-like creature swimming across the water. A 19th-century artist illustrated the creature chasing a frantic canoeist, but by all accounts, the real serpent—if such exists—wisely avoids human contact. For more, click here.

St. George granite quarries. Between the 1870s and 1930s, the granite quarries around Lake Utopia provided stone for some of the most famous monuments in eastern Canada and northeastern USA. The granite was also used to construct major buildings such as the American Museum of Natural History in New York. For more, click here.

Granite workers at McGrattan & Sons, St. George, NB, c. 1920. 
Photograph courtesy of the Charlotte County Archives.

Little Kedron Lake burrballs. Little Kedron Lake lies 18 kilometres northwest of Mount Pleasant and is one the world's few lakes to contain burrballs. These small orbs of compressed leaves, twigs and sandy silt are created when the constant rolling action of debris along a rippled lake bottom compacts the material into perfectly round balls. For more, click here.